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Affiliate Professionals

Septic Inspections

Putnam Pumpers Septic Service

Upper Cumberlands and Middle Tennessee

Jesse Wilson 931-260-5583

WIN Home Inspection Cookeville works with several septic professionals, but we consistently get good feedback from our clients who use Putnam Pumpers for septic related inspections. They are pretty good with coordinating around the same time as the home inspection and they do furnish a report from their inspection. This helps buyers gain more information about their prospective purchase prior to attempted negotiations. If you have septic inspection needs, we recommend giving them a try. Also, if scheduling a septic inspection, then you should not wait to the last minute to schedule -- it often will not work in your favor.

Upper Cumberlands and Middle Tennessee

Log Home Siding/Servicing

Mountain Top Log Home Care

Upper Cumberlands and Middle Tennessee

PO Box 614 Harriman, TN 37748

Mountain Top Log Home Care manages all aspects of log home siding. They are a great, and often times comprehensive, resource for log home maintenance. 

Upper Cumberlands and Middle Tennessee

PO Box 614 Harriman, TN 37748
Specialized Roof Surface Review

Square Feet - Residential Adjusting and Roof Inspections

Middle Tennessee and The Upper Cumberland Region

Sometimes, in the course of a home inspection, WIN Home Inspection recommends further review of the roof surface material due to possible defects, questionable installation methods, questions pertaining to remaining surface material life, or other anomalies. Square Feet is the specialist to contact for the "further review" we advise. Square Feet will review and assess roofing system defects and ensure that you, as our client, have clear and specialized information so you can make the decision you need in the process of buying/selling your home.

Middle Tennessee and The Upper Cumberland Region

Termite Inspections and Pest Related Services

WIN Home Inspection Cookeville has shared crawl space with many pest professionals over the years. Please reach out to us for contact options, or consult your Realtor.

Renters Resources

Resources for Tenant Home Conditions

Are you a renter in Putnam County, TN? Do you rent within the city of Cookeville, TN? If you do, and you have an issue with your apartment or home that hasn't been resolved sufficiently/adequately, know that you have other avenues. Please contact the county codes department or contact the Cookeville city codes department to attempt to lodge an official complaint. Remember, our government offices often are busy and may be slow to respond. Don't give up. Keep calling. Be nice, but keep calling until someone speaks with you. And, document that day and time of conversation, as well as with whom you spoke. You never know when you'll need that information.

Need legal help as a renter? Consider reaching out to the Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee & The Cumberlands.

Need to learn more about Tenant and Landlord rights in Tennessee? See the state's website for renter information.