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A Healthy Inspection Perspective

The home inspection industry has evolved to focus on the home inspection process, but less on the home inspector's safety related to the conditions of the home being inspected. READ MORE

What Does a Good Neighborhood Look Like?

National Radon Action Month

With January being National Radon Action Month, it's time to take a beat spelling out the basic concepts related to radon and home dwellers. READ MORE

Why the Dew Point Matters in a Home Inspection

How to Build the Perfect Backyard Shed

What's the purpose of a home inspection?

Upgrading My Inspection Lungs

End-of-year is a great time to reassess tools and business choices. I'm upgrading my lung protection. You? READ MORE

Why a Home Air Quality Inspection is Important

People of Good Conscience

The home inspection industry is beset with success via dependency on real estate agent referral. Such a configuration does not compliment the home inspector, nor the consumer -- when motivations are geared toward pleasing and appeasing the consumer is left with limit protection in the home buying process. READ MORE

Cost and Benefits of a Pre-Listing Inspection

A Pre-Listing Inspection is a service to help sellers during their home selling journey. This type of home inspection allows sellers to take a proactive approach and get ahead of repairs needed within their home. READ MORE