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Building Codes Are Not The Low Bar

Building codes get a bad rap for being the low bar of trades execution. But, modern codes afford for a well-built home that performs remarkably better than homes of past generations. READ MORE

Case Study - What Happens Sans Critical Flashing?

We spend a lot of money on homes. We spend more for homes we perceive as beautiful and locationally desirable. Yet, these variables should not take the place of well-executed fundamentals during construction. Failure to pay attention to said fundamentals yields disaster -- for home owners and for potential home buyers. READ MORE

Ensure Your Trees are Ready for a Home Inspection

Home Inspecting Ancillary Services

Ancillary Services are a main stay in the inspection industry. But, are they helping consumers, or motivated only for profit? READ MORE

How To Make Your Vacant Home Look Occupied

When selling a home, many sellers hope to sell their home before moving into their new one, but that is not always possible. Unfortunately, that can leave their old home empty and vacant for some time. Because nobody is keeping an eye on the home, a vacant home is susceptible to a variety of risks. READ MORE

Leveling Up Our Home Inspectors

Is there something home inspectors could be doing to improve their position in the industry? Would more thorough inspecting afford for a consumer market where angry real estate agents have to learn it isn't the home inspector, but the home? Read on. Read on. READ MORE

Why is My House Making Noises?

A house is made of all sorts of different materials, and as temperatures change at night, they expand and contract at different rates, causing materials to rub against each other. If the sound you're hearing goes on all day, or doesn't sound like popping and cracking, you may have some repair work to do. READ MORE

Hello, New Year!

Greg looks back on 2021, how it was different, what was good, and how 2022 shows hope for continued evolution of home inspecting. READ MORE

Contextual Deficiency: How Context Makes An Inspection

All homes have deficiencies. Some are more serious than others. A good home inspection should be able to contextualize the home and its potential issues for the prospective property owner. READ MORE

Top 10 Home Inspection Tools -- A New Take

This isn't your run-of-the-mill vanilla top 10 tools list. This is a list that gives you a bit more insight into the workings of a professional home inspection company. Standard lists need not apply. READ MORE