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All The House Is Fit To Report On

Greg writes about unkempt electric panels and the value of fastidiousness in home inspection report writing. READ MORE

Old Idea Traps

Greg writes about old plumbing traps, old ideas, and price hunting for home inspections. READ MORE

Old Satellite Dish With Electric Personality

Residential home. Electrical service line. Satellite dish. Ice storms. Wind. One lucky home inspector. Let's talk preventive maintenance. READ MORE

WIN Home Inspectors Have Training Beyond a Typical Home Inspection

Assessing the condition of a property is essential, but a WIN inspector has the necessary experience, knowledge and tools to perform an unbiased inspection and provide a fully comprehensive analysis. READ MORE

Realizing The Value of New Understandings

Bamboo toothbrushes, home maintenance, change is good and you should listen to your home inspector. READ MORE

A Bollard Of A Perspective

Greg Johns, owner of WIN Home Inspection Cookeville, writes of responsibility toward clients when sickness is afoot and how this relates to trying to take those extra steps as home owners to keep our homes safer in the long run. READ MORE

The Most Common Issues Found During a Home Buyer's Inspection

All of these issues are repairable and may not be a reason to stop the sale of a home. When in doubt, ask your inspector! READ MORE

Prepare Your Home for Extreme Cold Weather

Many US cities experience extreme cold weather during winter months and performing some basic maintenance can prevent costly damage, save energy and keep your home comfortable. READ MORE

What to Do with Your Pets when Selling Your Home

It’s important to consider our furry friends during a move and the home-selling process. It can be just as stressful for them as it is for homeowners. READ MORE

3 Tips to Sell Your Home at the End of Peak Selling Season

If you are selling in fall or winter, make sure to use the seasons to your advantage. READ MORE