Greg Johns WIN Cookeville


A Home Inspection Conversation

A Home Inspection Conversation highlighting the need for elevated home inspection services. READ MORE

Beating the Minimal Standards

Inspecting at a level above the minimal standard creates friction in the real estate market, but it shouldn't. Consumers should expect more from their Realtors AND their home inspectors. READ MORE

Holiday Home Happiness

Don't forget to give a gift to your home, or your bank account, this holiday season by having a home inspection. Ignorance is bliss, but only until that bill comes due. Preventive maintenance, and a punch-list of deficiencies for repair, can keep you in the position where you get to decide how your money is spent. What a great gift that can be! READ MORE

Home Inspection Market Value

Greg briefly discusses the concept of market value when it comes to home purchasing and how home inspections help provide an alternative perspective. READ MORE

A Closer Look

Greg writes how the ordinary is a trap that often hides items needing to be exposed and addressed. READ MORE

Home Inspection Perfection

Greg writes about bath time and order from chaos in relation to the benefits of a well written home inspection report. READ MORE

All The House Is Fit To Report On

Greg writes about unkempt electric panels and the value of fastidiousness in home inspection report writing. READ MORE

Old Idea Traps

Greg writes about old plumbing traps, old ideas, and price hunting for home inspections. READ MORE

Old Satellite Dish With Electric Personality

Residential home. Electrical service line. Satellite dish. Ice storms. Wind. One lucky home inspector. Let's talk preventive maintenance. READ MORE

Realizing The Value of New Understandings

Bamboo toothbrushes, home maintenance, change is good and you should listen to your home inspector. READ MORE