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Home Inspection Perfection


I’m a tidy guy. I like things in order. It makes me feel comfortable and at ease.

My son, who is very young, shares this gene with me. He also shares the gene with his mom that says things don’t always have to be so tidy and dad should just chill out. I see it in him. I get it. His bath time is a splendid example, with toys bright in color and too numerous for him to play with them all before the water gets cold and his lips turn blue. A jumbled mass of plastics and squeakers. But, they are there. And, though he can’t explain why in understandable English, I watch him take each toy at a time, look at it and say something that only he understands, and then place it (sometimes, throw) in the tub.

While spending bath time with my son the other day, I circled back to this sequence of events in my head. As it turns out, my son is a perfect illustration for the way I feel WIN Home Inspection Cookeville should approach the business of home inspections.

All The Pieces

An average home, 1500 square feet, will have a narrative report around 40 pages in length for our Middle Tennessee region. Only a portion of that is the Summary Report – the list of possible deficiencies and needed repairs. To the average consumer, this becomes quite the tome of burden as there is more information than she/he can digest or retain in any one of multiple settings. I see it on the faces when I go over the report at the end of the inspection with the client. I hear it in their voices when I talk with the client after the inspection. It presents to the client almost as too much. I get it.

Like my son’s intent on adding every bath toy to his tub, though it seems like a random amount of toys bobbing in bubbles, he has a reason he puts each one in there. Similarly, all the information I compile and document and expound upon is there for very specific reasons. To a client, it may seem like a lot. To a nervous Realtor, it may seem like I “am picky.” I am, picky. But, I am picky specifically because all that information, when viewed appropriately, can give my client(s) a very good sense of the value of the investment for which they are about to commit years of time and effort in the representation of the almighty dollar.

The Bottom Line

Our reports are comprised of numerous amounts of information on entirely dissimilar materials, system components, and context. Homes are messy creations by design. They may look finished and pretty and amazing, but there’s a reason the job site looks shockingly horrible during a new home build. Our home inspection process, AS WELL AS our reports, are the tool that take all that messy stuff and create a narrative semblance for mental processing and understanding. You need all those tidbits of information that many inspectors leave out (and why I am referred to as “picky”) BECAUSE they provide the context to better understand the structure. Better understanding leads to better decision making, which leads to happier clients and home owners, which means I’ve done exactly what you hired me to do. I take the mess of information and give you a cohesive, concise, approximate representation of your home.

I love my son. And, now I love bath time even more.