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Greg Johns WIN Cookeville

A Closer Look


A few weeks ago, I was inspecting a house just outside of Cookeville, TN. Most “things” were in proper order, with the usual list of code-defying issues and neglected maintenance. Really, it was a decent home inspection. I made my way to the electrical panel in the garage, not anticipating anything of great consequence, and removed the cover to the panel. The home was less than 10-years-old and located in an area where wiring standards were usually followed. It was much to my surprise then, when I scanned the panel interior and noticed a darkened bus bar and corresponding spot on the rear can of the panel. Something in the panel had arced – which meant something wasn’t quite right and had caused serious potential for a structure fire.

I hadn’t anticipated finding anything in the panel and nothing had given me pause to suspect an issue prior to removing the panel cover. But, good thing I still took a careful look. Had I not looked closely, I could have overlooked the darkened area, replaced the panel cover, written up all was functional and satisfactory, and then moved on my merry way. At some point, those new home owners would have experienced an unpleasant issue.

More Than Mundane

We at WIN Home Inspection Cookeville hear from clients and home owners all the time how everything appears to be fine, according to them. Well, nothing ever seems out of the ordinary until you actually look at ordinary. Our national history is speckled with examples of how ordinary turned out to be not-so-ordinary, or acceptable, once enough people started taking a closer look and asking questions. While I am not attempting to compare myself, or my home inspection company, to pertinent and significant socioeconomic and sociocultural events, we are a teeny, tiny, microcosmic example of looking closer at the mundane.

Our homes are fine, until they aren’t. Our homes are safe, until they aren’t. Our homes are wise investments, until we make unwise decisions that erode the wisdom of said investments. My job, as your home inspector, isn’t to find the fantastical – though, believe me, I’d love to stumble upon fantastical from time-to-time. My job is to look at your ordinary and help you really see what you have and what questions you should be asking to protect your investment. I’m your home inspector and I cherish the ability to closely scrutinize your mundanities. You might be more surprised than you think.