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All The House Is Fit To Report On

You know what isn’t okay? A dirty electrical panel. Like this one (which is both dirty and a Federal Pacific, but that's another post for some other time). A dirty panel tells a home inspector the system isn’t properly sealed and protected from the exterior elements. A dirty panel tells a home inspector the electrical system hasn’t been checked in years by a licensed electrician. A dirty panel tells a home inspector actions should be taken to protect the investment of the structure. A clean panel, while not a guarantee, is a great first impression that “things” may be in proper order. The same applies to home inspection reporting.

WIN Home Inspection Cookeville is known for the fastidiousness of its home inspection reports. When I say known, I absolutely mean both lauded and decried. Some Realtors in our middle Tennessee region recommend us as much as they can. They trust we will provide their client with all the information available. Some Realtors in our southern region of hospitality avoid us like a lollipop on a rotten tooth. They feel we will “wreck” their deal. From our perspective, it isn’t their deal to be wrecked.

A home purchase is the sole experience of the individual buying the home. It’s also the experience of the individual selling the home. Some reports we see in our region don’t take either of these into account. These reports, written by inspectors who mostly mean well, simply list; these reports, written by inspectors who mostly inspect for a job, offer checked boxes of “inspected” or “deficient.” We at WIN Home Inspection Cookeville believe a report is more than just a list or series of checked boxes.

Delivering The Message

As the owner of WIN Cookeville, I learned from a great teacher to explain to folks that, “We’re John the Baptist.” I say that as a joke, usually to break the ice with worried home owners and angsty buyers. As John the Baptist, we deliver the message. Our reports deliver the message. And the message, well, it is much more than a simple list. We document everything, in narrative form (i.e., I type comments to specifically match the home being inspected and make sure there is information provided for understanding and further steps), because everything that is that home is the message.

The report is the conduit for understanding. As humans, understandings usually evolve over time. Our reports are laden with information because we want the buyer to develop a very rich, comprehensive understanding. After all, there aren’t many homes available for $50,000 anymore – home purchasing is a big investment EVERY TIME a home is bought.

More Is More, As Long As It's Proper

The value of using WIN Home Inspection Cookeville is the value of knowing as much about the home as there is to share. I think where Realtors get it wrong is in assuming less is more. Less is more when you have fewer clients calling you to express unhappiness with their home inspection. Less is not more, however, when it comes to documenting and providing information to clients in the process of selling or buying a home.

For us, more is more with the qualification that more is more expressly if it is provided in a neat, clean, tidy, easy-to-follow, narrative format. Like the inside of an electrical panel – you want it neat and clean, not dirty and unwieldly. Lots of information. Neat and tidy. Every time. For Realtors who like us. For Realtors who aren’t keen on us. Most of all, for clients who are paying for a service. That’s what we do. That’s why our tagline is, “We See More. Clearly.” Because we do.