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What We Offer
Services For Our Clients

We at WIN Home Inspection Cookeville are proud to serve our clients' needs, be it in selling, or buying a home. We offer a range of options and can mix and match as needed. All of our reports are delivered the same day electronically and all of our reports come color coded for ease of understanding.

See something you want more information on? Contact us via the number at the top of the page. We manage our business and answer our own phones. We're pretty good at talking -- and listening!

Platinum Home Inspection

This covers every component our Full Home Inspection (see below) covers but offers one of two additional needs for those wishing for the added service -- you can follow us along as we inspect (except for roofs, attics, and some crawlspaces), and we'll take the time to talk as we inspect and document; if you can't be present, we are happy to host a Zoom meeting after-the-fact and go over the report with you digitally. Both of these service addition options take added time and effort and so a premium service fee is added. Just let us know you have interest in one of these during your initial phone call to us. 

Full Home Inspection

This covers everything from the base of foundation to ridge of the roof at exterior, inside, attic, HVAC, electric, plumbing, and the underside (crawl space or basement), and all things in between. These reports are, on average, 60-110 pages, include oodles of pictures, and are meant to help you understand your home and be better positioned to negotiate regarding said home. This is a comprehensive inspection. You are free to be present during the inspection, though we recommend coming toward the end so we can go over findings once we've done what we need to do for you. Our inspections run around three hours and it takes every bit of that time uninterrupted to get through the processes ensuring you get an accurate and thorough inspection report.

Express Home Inspection / 4 - Point Inspection

This covers just the basics: Roof condition, Foundation from outside and underside, Review of Electric Panel (no wiring except at panel), and underside of structure (sub structure framing, foundation, moisture condition). The express inspection also adds in basic review of HVAC and water heater.

This inspection is not all inclusive, is very limited in nature, but fits the homeowner or investor looking to know general conditions of these components, or a home buyer who is mostly comfortable and just wants to hit the highlights. This is NOT a comprehensive inspection.


You can add this on, or request only this inspection. It's a 48-hour test and yields a separate 9-11 page report with graphical presentation of data points and other helpful information pertaining to safe and unsafe concentrations. If you don't know what radon is, you should do a simple web search, or before hiring us for this test, visit or the Tennesse Radon Website. We are nationally certified for testing and analysis through NRPP, the gold tier in certification. We recommend all structures, regardless of orientation, be tested by nationally certified individuals.


Do you need to know what you asked to be repaired was actually repaired? We can do that. Give us a call. We'll need the list of requested items for repair, as well as confirmation the repairs have been performed, per the selling party.

Thermal Imaging

Are you wanting to see more? We are certified Level 1 Thermographers and can add this to your home inspection. We can thermally review the structure envelope, the ceiling/attic (roofs require review at very specific, often inopportune or inconvenient times of day for accuracy), the electrical panel, plumbing, and HVAC duct work. It's not cheap, but it's pretty darn comprehensive if that's what you are going for.